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Brand Content Marketing Automation Social Selling

…Is the ultimate discipline for attracting a prospect to your solution, from identifying that prospect’s need to closing the deal. This is a complex process requiring both excellent knowledge of the audience and the ability to react that are now part of the DNA of Eckert Mathison’s experts.

After defining your marketing strategy and objectives, we can assist you with choosing the media, formats, content and strategic levers to use within a wide range of products and services.


Devising a marketing strategy is a complex task that requires not only a long-term vision, but also tangible and rapid results.

Our outsider’s eye will kick-start your project as you never expected!


Staying in sync with clients throughout their journey implies precise knowledge of your target audience, your services, and the client journey.

Everything can be automated, and our experts will help you define your priorities for an optimal ROI. Another advantage of using Drowser is that the prospecting database is integrated!


Social networks play a crucial role in B2B marketing…with very different codes from B2C.

To avoid making any mistakes, we have one piece of advice: keep up the pace over time!


Are you looking for campaigns with long-term effects, less volume and more quality?
Think Brand Content.
Our factory is here for you:


Blog Post

Shorter than a white paper, longer than a simple post on social networks, the blog post is a complex exercise too often taken lightly.

For our experts, beware of the temptation to write only for search engines! A viral post is first and foremost, a post with substance.

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White paper

Share your vision, your values, your understanding of a market without ever talking about your offers…to better sell your offers.

A paradox? No! A major thrust of a content marketing strategy placed under the sign of exigency. A recognized specialty of Eckert Mathison that puts substance first.

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Practical Worksheet

Offer your audience more than the strategic vision you would give in a white paper, but make your words 100% actionable.

This is what the practical worksheet promises.

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Success story

Explain to prospects what your clients have experienced by using your expertise. In a few words, these are the mechanics of the success story, relying on the ability of your content to be inspiring so that readers can say to themselves: “why not us?”

Our secret ingredient for a success story: dare to stage the most critical phases of a project; you will be the better for it!

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One-page Marketing

A single web page that tells everything about you what the one-page marketing solution promises you. Offering more content than a landing page, this mini-site allows you to leverage a content strategy that will be more effective for supporting a product launch. Eckert Mathison looks upon this as a hybrid solution that can generate leads and complement a content marketing strategy.

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Ideal for capturing the attention of non-readers, and target audiences with a photographic memory, computer graphics is a demanding format that requires symmetry of attention to content and form.

Our tip: recent, quality sources will support your message.

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Landing page

Say it all in one image and a few words to capture a target audience and invite your audience to continue the experience with you…So simple to say, so complex to achieve…without the help of our experts.

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Demonstrate your expertise to your audience by hosting interactive video conferences. Eckert Mathison is on hand to help you define your event, provide editorial, communication and technical support, as well as analysis, communication and post-event evaluation.

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Need to convey a synthetic message while educating? Eckert Mathison will suggest the motion as the ultimate answer to your need.

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The whole point of an email is to be read and understood by those who receive the message. To do this, you need to reach your target audience at the right time, with the right offer, and with perfectly readable messages, regardless of the medium on which they are displayed. We guide you step by step!

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To help you position yourself as an expert in the field of voice SEO, to continue to strengthen your reputation, we offer you this turnkey formula “Capsule Podcast BtoB”.

This offer includes editorial design, production and broadcasting.

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