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John Eckert and Alan Mathison Turing… Two unknown geniuses who have nevertheless shaped our daily lives. Two personalities more attracted by science than by glory.
Two designers in the background who revolutionized modern thinking.
When the former invented the first computer, the latter laid the foundations for artificial intelligence.

If our agency has chosen to pay tribute to them by teaming up with them, it is also to illustrate the values that they inspire in us.
Surpassing ourselves, humility, availability, rigor… These are the founding elements of our daily action when offering our communications and marketing solutions to companies.

Advising and helping you express who you are, what you do, or what you aspire to be is much more than building endlessly recycled marketing strategies. The same old recipes will always produce the same old effects.

Eckert Mathison is an ecosystem of experts, consultants and specialists whose only ambition is how best to help you attain your objectives.

Eckert Mathison’s teams do not believe in this constant disruption that is touted, often overused, and always oversold.

You want to reach your target audiences? Share your expertise? Demonstrate your talents? Let’s be simple, sincere, honest and start by making your marketing imperatives meaningful. The Eckert Mathison team is committed to guiding you on the sometimes difficult but always rewarding path to marketing success.

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